Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How to connect Nokia e71 SIP to Asterisk?

Today I tried another wonderful feature that built in this Nokia e71, VoIP SIP client. After several testing, it's works! Now, my e71 not only as my mobile phone but also my "mobile office extension phone"! It become an Unified Communication Device with combinations of several features e.g. mobile phone, emails, web browser, extensions phone, instant messenger client etc.

In order to connect your Nokia e71 SIP ( Internet Call ), there are some configurations are needed in your Asterisk Server. You may refers to my sip.conf settings as below :

callerid=device <1010>

You may also like to configure the "realm" in the sip.conf under [General] context, else you may leave it as default which is "asterisk".

Remember to restart your SIP service to avoid getting Error 400 later in your asterisk debug.

The next step that you need to do is configure your phone ( Make sure there is Internet Connections ).

Step 1:

Go to "Menu"-->"Tools"-->"Settings"-->"Connections"-->"SIP Settings". Then, click on "Options"-->"Add New"

Profile name: <to be defined>
Service profile: IETF
Default access point: <your wifi access point>
Public user name: sip:<SIP user>@<domain or IP address>
Use compression: No
Registration: Always on
Use security: No

[Proxy server]
Proxy server address: sip:<IP address of your asterisk>
Realm: asterisk or <realm of your asterisk>
User name: <SIP user>
Password: <secret>
Allow loose routing: Yes
Transport type: Auto
Port: 5060

[Registrar server]
Registrar server address: sip:<IP address of your asterisk>
Realm: asterisk or <realm of your asterisk>
User name: <SIP user>
Password: <secret>
Transport type: Auto
Port: 5060

Now, you should able to see that your SIP is Registered.

Step 2:

Go to "Menu"-->"Tools"-->"Settings"-->"Connections"-->"internet Telephone Settings". Then, click on "Options"-->"Add New Profile"

Name: <to be defined>
SIP profiles: <previously defined profile>

Try to make an Internet Call by select "Options"-->"Call"-->"Internet Call" after key in the telephone number.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Malaysiakini now on mobile!

Malaysiakini, is one of the Malaysian online news website. It was first launched on 20th November 1999 and it offers daily news in English, Malays, Chinese and Tamil. Malaysiakini, is one of the independent media which do not have any linkage to political party or commercial interest.

Today, you can browse and read the daily news via your mobile. It could benefit those who riding on the train, LRT or any public transportation to work, they can spend their times more efficiency.

What you need to is just send a SMS with the word "mk" to 32577. Then you shall receive another SMS and just download & install it. It supported on most Java-enabled mobile phone.

Let's see after install in my Nokia e71.

Nokia 012a

Nokia 002

Read this : Read Malaysiakini from your mobile phone

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Use your GMail as your Online Storage

There are several ways that you can use your GMail account as your Online Storage. Gmail Drive is one of the third party software to make your Gmail as storage.

GMail Drive is not supported by Google. It allows a user to access a virtual drive stored in a Gmail e-mail account by causing the contents of the Gmail account to appear as a new network share on the user's workstation.


After you installed the GMail Drive, you will find a GMail Drive in your windows explorer. Right click on this new drive and choose Login As. Enter your Gmail username and password when prompted. It is recommended that you create a new Gmail account for this purpose so that you can keep your existing Gmail account safe. After logging in, you can now copy, paste and create folders in this new Gmail Drive just like any regular Windows folder.


Besides using GMail Drive, you may also use GSpace Firefox extension to access and utilize the GMail account as online storage.


**Try at you own risk ** These applications are yet to "certified" and still under testing.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Online Share : Ovi for Nokia e71


Ovi, is an application provided by Nokia, and it also an "umbrella concept" by Nokia. It is a personal dashboard to share photos, music just like Yahoo! Flickr photo site. Furthermore, it allows you to sync your contacts, calendars, to-do-list and profile to this online server.



A good news for all Nokia e71 users, it is pre-installed in your device. Check under your "Menu" --> "Media" --> "Share Online".

Remember to create a FREE account in both website and Ovi Share, then you will be able to share your photos online and sync your contacts, calendars etc.

Check it out! ---> Sync your profile ---> Share your photos etc.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gender Analyzer

Wow....just came across this website, Gender Analyzer, they claimed that the website is artificially intelligent and  able to analyze the website is written by man or woman !! Amazing, have a try on your own website and see if it is true ?!


Friday, November 14, 2008

IPv4 address Exhaustion

Internet Protocol fourth revision ( IPv4 ) exhaustion referring to the decreasing of the available of the allocations for IPv4. This concern was started since 1980s when the Internet started to grow dramatically. There are many actions being taken to resolve and secure the situation, methods like classful network, C.I.D.R. , D.H.C.P. , network address translations (NAT) and these actions have significantly delayed the exhaustion.

The green grass in the picture below shows the available IPv4 ( but I not sure on the updated, the map was actually created some time ago ) :


Let's see the dramatic growth of the IPv4 usage :


In order to resolve this problem, the experts have introduced the Internet Protocol revision 6 and IPv6 has a much larger address space than IPv4. The IPv6 is built up with 128-bits long and segmented into 8 groups of 4 HEX characters. 50% of it represent the Network ID while the other 50% represent the Network Host.

empireTower The experts believe IPv6 will have need a very long time until it is exhausted again! A rough calculation, there are about 350 Trillions Trillions Trillions IP Addresses are available!!! There is someone making the assumption if ONE IPv6 equal to an Atom, then it would takes up more than 1 millions of Empire Tower to represent the entire IPv6 block!! Impressive right?!


A Quote from wikipedia :

IPv6 is intended to be the long-term solution to the IPv4 address shortage. Instead of a 32 bit address, with 4.3 billion possible hosts, IPv6 uses 128 bit addresses, providing 3.4×1038 or 50 octillion for each of the roughly 6.5 billion people on Earth.