Sunday, April 29, 2012

How to install Papago X5 into Android 2.x

image This could be an old installation method, but it’s still useful especially for those who still using Android 2.x. I’d just tested it on Gingerbread (2.3) today and it works without fails.

1.Firstly, download the following files into your PC :

2. Extract the PAPAGO X5 engines including the APK file & a folder NAVIsea.

3. Install the Malfreemaps into your PC, select “Papago X5 for Android” during installation.

4. Then, connect your device to USB & mount it as USB storage.


5. Copy the PAPAGO X5 engines ( .apk) & NAVIsea folder into your device under root folder.

6. Install the APK using APK Installer, don’t Open it yet.

7. Copy everything from your PC ( C:\Navi\Maps\MFM-PPG-110301C/ ) and paste it in the /root/NAVIsea/Malaysia folder.

8. Now you’re done and Papago X5 is ready to use.

Reminder : Enable your GPS to location navigation.


Alternative download site :


Map :