Sunday, March 29, 2009

How should IT guy write your resume?

I think it is quite true also, on certains points below, especially when myself studying others’ resume ….hehe


Monday, March 23, 2009

Nokia e71 new firmware released!

Last week, on the 17th March 2009, Nokia had released another new firmware for Nokia e71.  The latest firmware is 210.21.006 since the last upgrade on November 2008 ( refer my earlier blog post : Upgrade your e71 firmware ).

Again, you can check your firmware by typing “ * # 0000 #


The firmware can be upgraded by using the Nokia Software Updater in your Nokia PC Suite. Always remember to backup your configuration to memory card and fully charged your phone. Find more details from my earlier post.

** Try at your own risk **

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trojan.DNSChanger changed your DNS Settings

The DNSChanger trojan horse is a small trojan horse application that installed itself in your workstation thru an embedded video codec. It wouldn’t be having ‘big’ harmful to you and the system but it may once in a while affect your Internet online activities.

This trojan is mainly to change your DNS ( Domain Name Server ) in your registry “NameServer” value to a custom IP address e.g. localhost or redirect you to another malicious website. Normally the IP address is encrypted itself in the trojan file, and intend to redirect you to fake website that is looks “alike/same” to the legitimate websites, so that they can steal your private information e.g. banking account access pin/password etc.

Let’s see the search result by MalwareBytes Antimalware in my station :


I found this problem when I am trying update my Live Messenger thru MSN Live updater, it keeps failed.  Then I found that the trojan is redirect the to my localhost The worst part is actually it redirect all the antivirus, antimalwares, anti-trojan or whatever cleaning tool application websites to other IP addresses that causing me unable to download any application! Turnout I have to use another station to download them…

Here are some application that you can download and scan thru your station :