Monday, June 8, 2009

How to grab photos from WRETCH ?

Wretch, is one of the Taiwan famous online album community. There are always people asking on how to download the pictures from this online album ? Rather than using “print screen” then trim it and save it. This online album had disabled the right-click saving feature. After some findings and asking Uncle Google, I found that this program namely WRETCH XD provide a better and easier method to download the photos from Wretch photo albums.

Steps to grab the photo ( After download and execute ) :

1. Double clicked the downloaded .exe file.

2. Put in the account ID as you may found from the Wretch hyperlink and click OK as shown in the picture below.


3. Key in the username & password if the album is protected. Else just leave it blank. Select the albums.


4. Click on the button to start downloading the albums selected as shown below.


Download the Wretch XD software : WretchXD v1.6.0.37

Monday, June 1, 2009

Top 10 misconceptions about Linux

Today, I found an interesting and very useful article from other’s site Top 10 misconceptions about Linux, please pay a visit and read.

For most computer users, Windows is the only operating system (OS) they’ve ever used. In fact, most people don’t even know about other OSes at all, and that is not good. In our daily lives we always like to have a choice. Whether it’s different flavors of ice-cream or different brands and types of shirts and pants, we like to have a choice. So the question is, why not have a choice with our computers? While we all get to choose whether we want NVIDIA or ATI graphics card, most PCs come with pre-installed Windows operating system. It’s almost shoved down our throats. Where’s the choice in that?

There are many operating systems out there, some are good and some are bad. This list is about Linux, a free open-source operating system. There is a chance you have never heard of it, and even if you have you probably carry a few misconceptions about it. I’ll try to dispel some of these misconceptions starting with the most common:

1. Misconception: Linux is an Operating System (OS)

2. Misconception: Linux is a command line OS

3. Misconception: Linux is for geeks only

and many more….. ( Click here )