Friday, July 31, 2009

Guide to backup & restore Microsoft Outlook 2007

There is always a headache to backup all your emails, contacts, calendars in Microsoft Outlook or any email client when you change workstation/laptop. Especially for those who have multiple email accounts and multiple .pst data file.

There are ways to backup and restore, let me suggest the method below which I believe it is must easier and secure, and time-saving!

Steps to BACKUP :

  1. Open your old MSOutlook 2007. Go to “Tools”—> “Accounts”. Check the location you stored your email. ( As highlighted in the picture below )
  2. MO-01
  3. Make sure you copy all the .pst data files into your removable storage i.e. USB HDD etc. Please remind that the .pst files may not store in the same folders depending on your configurations.
  4. Remember the file location ( folder URL i.e. E:\my Outlook\outlook.pst ) as you may need to create the same path in your new laptop.
  5. Go to your Registry Editor, by typing “regedit” in the Runs..
  6. Locate the following item and right-click to export : ( As shown in the picture below ) :

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\Outlook


Steps to RESTORE :

  1. Copy & paste all the .pst data files you had backup into the same folder URL as per your old laptop ( Step 4 above )
  2. Copy the exported registry file from old laptop and double-click to import the key. ( IMPORTANT NOTE : Make sure there is no existing account being created in the new laptop as this execution may replace all the existing settings )
  3. Open your MSOUTLOOK 2007 and it is ready to use now.

Notes : Please remember your password as these steps above DO NOT backup/keep the password. Try at your own risk !

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