Friday, May 9, 2008

How to dial PPPoE in Linux

There are a few simple steps to make a pppoe connection in Linux.

** The following commands is based on Kubuntu distributions

First, you need to configure the pppoe configurations at the very first time using the following command using root provileges.

# pppoeconf

Then following the text-based menu screen will be shown and follow the instructions as below :

  1. Confirm that your Ethernet card is going to connect to ADSL modem.
  2. Enter your username ( i.e. justk2@streamx )
  3. Enter your password.
  4. If you have configured it before, you will be asked if it may be modified.
  5. Popular options: you are asked if you want the “noauth” and “defaultroute” options and to remove “nodetach” - choose Yes.
  6. Use peer DNS - choose Yes.
  7. Limited MSS problem - choose Yes.
  8. Then you are asked if you want to connect at start up.
  9. Finally you are asked if you want to establish the connection immediately.
  10. Once you have finished these steps, your connection should be working.

Next time, you may use the following command

To start the adsl dial up

# pon dsl-provider

To stop the adsl dial up

# poff dsl-provider

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