Sunday, January 4, 2009

Remote Desktop using your Nokia e71

Now you can VNC to remote desktop using your nokia e71. There are two(2) applications that I had tried working properly on our Nokia e71 :

VNC2go 1) VNC2GO is a VNC client that runs on MIDP-enabled devices. It lets you control any desktop server running a VNC service, from any mobile device that supports Java Midlets, such as mobile phones and PDAs.

You can download it from ;

Location 1: MIDP1.0 Midlet and JAD Installation File

Location 2: MIDP1.0 Midlet and JAD Installation File


2) VNC Viewer is a native Symbian 9.1 SISX client for Nokia S60 3rd Edition mobile devices (Nseries and ESeries) that allows you to establish a TCP/IP connection to any Windows XP/2003 Server computer running a standard VNC server (from and control it from the mobile phone.

You can download it from here


Unknown said...


I have a E71!

I am tring to install the
xvncviewer, but got error
in E71 that the
expired certificate.

What I can to do fix this?


Unknown said...

i had same problem.. i set the clock back to 2007 then installed.. but vncviewer didn't really work.. it loaded the remote screen.. then nothin happens.. vnc2 go also doesn't work. i get java security exception.. oh well..
atleast putty work.. which is pretty cool

:: 吖十のk2 :: said...

Hi, I tried to install in my phone by backdating my clock then it works pretty well.

what you mean by nothing happens after loaded the remote screen ?

Unknown said...

well.. the viewer and the remote screen load... but when i try to move the curser, or do something... like try to view the "about" dialog.. it just exits..
i'm runing FC8 .. vncviewer standard geometry and such... and TWM

Unknown said...

i meant vncserver in my previous post...

also, there is another package called RDMplus or VNC+ .. same thing.. which is supposed to work... but i get the same javax security exception that i get with vnc2go.. i messaged rdmplus about it.. but haven't heard back..

i think they might need certificates or something.. and the only way to disable it is to mess with the firmware..?

Anonymous said...

i'm using SymRdp on my nokia phone. very fast, speed like on normal computer.