Sunday, February 8, 2009

Upgrade your e71 firmware

Finally got my e71 upgraded to the latest firmware! The latest firmware is 200.21.118 ( dated 27-11-2008 ) as shown in the picture below :

e71_ 002

You may check your current firmware by using the following key code : * # 0000 #

It is quite simple and really takes time to upgrade, there are few things that you need to make sure before started with the upgrading process, or else you will end up with a software corrupted phone! Then, you will need to send to the shop for “re-installation”!!

1. Make sure your phone is FULLY charged.

2. Make sure you have a fast and reliable Internet connection.

3. Make sure there will not be a power trip that would cause your PC failed, it would be better if you are using a FULLY charged laptop.

4. Good contact USB cable.

5. Turn off the spyware detector, firewall and any other software that would cause the upgrade software to communicate with Nokia server.

6. Make a FULL BACKUP of your phone memory i.e. settings informations, address book, sms etc.

7. Lastly, DON"’T PANIC as instructed by the Nokia Upgrading Wizard…. hehe

First, make sure your Nokia PC suite is the latest version. Check from the About dialog. It should be version, else download and upgrade the latest one.


Then, connect your e71 to your workstation. It may need to reboot in other to make sure it works properly, just follow the pop up instructions.


Click on the Upgrade Software icon as shown in the picture above then just follow ALL the instructions. Make sure you really read every single line in the wizard.

Good luck!!

** Try at your own risk **

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