Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How to use full screen mode in Virtual Box for Linux OS?

First thing, get your Linux OS install in Virtual Box as usual. Am going to use Ubuntu/Debian as example here.

Then, boot up the OS and open the Terminal window :

1. Login using Superuser using

    sudo su

2. Update the aptitude source

    apt-get update

3. Install the packages required :

    a. apt-get install build-essential

    b. apt-get install linux-headers-generic

Once completed, click on the VBox “Devices” menu and “Install Guest Additions”.


Then, go back to the Terminal window :

4. Make a new mount folder,

   mkdir /mnt/vbox

5. Mount the Guest Additions to the newly created folder,

   mount /dev/scd0 /mnt/vbox

6. Install the Guest Additions, depends on either you’re using x86 or 64bit workstation,

cd /mnt/vbox 



7. Reboot and you shall able use full screen as you like.

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