Friday, October 23, 2009

How to use Nokia e71 as modem using UMobile data plan?

Just bought an 018 UMobile Data Plan, cost RM6 with RM5 airtime included. It would be valid for 7 days, and you are required to top up or else the account will be terminated….


UMobile is assigning private IP address to the end user like us and NAT-ed it. Do expect certain applications that required peer-to-peer Public IP address might failed using UMobile. I would also expected some of the TCP/UDP ports might be blocked as well. Will update here once I had verified it. :P



Here’s the steps to configure your Nokia e71 as USB modem to access to the Internet :

1. Firstly, you need to make sure your phone is ready to connect to 3G network. Go to “Menu-->Tools—>Settings—>Phone—>Network” and make sure you select “UMTS” or “Dual-mode”  *( By selecting UMTS will makes your connection established/network entry faster )



2. Next, go backward one menu and go “Connection->Access Points” and make sure “U Mobile Internet” profile is configured and ready to use.


3.  Connect your e71 to your PC/laptop using USB cable and select “PC Suite” mode.

4. Turn on your Nokia PC Suite and make sure the connection is established. You may see the indication message pop up from your taskbar.

5. Go to “Control Panel—>System—>Hardware—>Device Manager” and make sure your Nokia e71 USB modem driver is detected and properly installed.


6. Go to your “Control Panel-->Network Connections” and create a new connection. Follow the wizard step by step. Select “Connect to the Internet” and click Next.


7. Select “Setup my connection manually” and click Next.


8. Select “Connect using a dial-up modem” and click Next.


9. Put in the meaningful name e.g. UMobile for this connection and click Next.


10. Type “*99#” in the phone number column and click Next.


11. Leave the username and password as <blank> and click Next.

12. Click on the newly created “UMobile” dial up connection. Click “Dial” in the dial up menu as per below :


13. Your Internet connection thru UMobile UMTS network should be ready after the dialup connection.

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