Sunday, November 1, 2009

What does DNS registration contact means?

The Registrant is the licensee of the domain name - this is the individual or company who has the right to use, sell or destroy a domain name.

The Administrative Contact is the licensee's appointed agent for the functions above and any other purpose. In the case that the Registrant is a company the Administrative Contact should be an
employee, director, manager of the company. This person has full authority for all changes in our system so care should be taken in selecting the appropriate person to nominate for this role.

The Technical Contact is the person responsible for maintaining the DNS nameservers associated with the domain name. This enables that contact to make updates if necessary if, for example, the
name of the DNS nameserver changes.

The Billing Contact is the primary point of contact responsible for paying for the domain name's license renewals.

In the case of a company, the company itself would normally be the Registrant. An officer or possibly a trusted employee of the company would be the Administrative Contact.

The Technical Contact would normally be the ISP or webhosting provider (maybe us if you use these services).

In the case of an individual domain name owner, you may be listed as three of the four contacts or conceivably even four of the four contacts. It isn't so important if you're in control of your own domain name but now you can probably see why so many contacts could be required.


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