Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hard reset (Default) on your Nokia e71

There will a time, you will find that your phone works slower and slower...or even hang!! Before you bring it to the center or technician to re-format it, you can maybe save your money and try perform a hard reset ( default/factory reset ).

Please always remind to backup your configurations and data FIRST! You can find the backup function in the Nokia Phone Suite application. Also remember to sync your address book either to Micosoft Outlook, OE or any raw data format. For SMS/MMS backup, you can change the storage location from phone memory to your external memory card.

To change the SMS/MMS storage location :

  1. Go to "Menu"-->"Communication"--->"Message"
  2. Click on "Options"-->"Settings".
  3. Select "Other"
  4. Change the options for "Memory in use" to "Memory card".


To hard reset :

  • Click " * # 7 3 7 0 # ".
  • Then it will request for your Lock Code, use "12345" unless you had previously changed it.

Everything will be back to the factory settings. What you need to do now is reinstall your applications, sync back the address book and restore the configuration data.


nivetha said...

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:: 吖十のk2 :: said...

Nivetha, hope it does help you...cheers

Unknown said...

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:: 吖十のk2 :: said...

ranjit, thanks for the visit and hope all these information does help you